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Best Toenail Clippers for Kids

The best nail clippers for kids should ideally cut precisely, without leaving behind jagged edges that may invite infections or scratch wounds. Ideally, the best nail clippers for kids should also not have sticky levers or nail files that are placed in an unfavorable manner for effortless cutting. As a parent, you probably know how fussy and sensitive kids can be about nail clippers and hygiene in general. That’s why we’ve put together reviews of the best toenail clippers for kids, with detailed information about each product’s advantages and disadvantages — having trouble with nail clipping and hygiene for your kids? Fret no more! Use this guide to pick out the right toenail clipper to solve your problem permanently.

How to Choose the Best Toenail Clippers for Kids

Choosing toenail clippers for adults isn’t easy, because you have to consider several factors such as sharpness, ease of use, and long-lasting ability. But choosing toenail clippers for kids is especially challenging because toenails tend to be hard and stubborn, so you require a toenail clipper that’s sharp, but also safe, so it doesn’t cut into your kids’ toes when you are clipping their nails. Before we delve into the top toenail clippers for kids available in the market, let’s explore a few important factors that you should bear in mind when making a choice.

1. Choose Stainless Steel

Why stainless steel? Well, the last thing that you want is for your kids to contact the tetanus virus through rusted toenail clippers. Some brands use materials other than stainless steel, such as Nickel or Aluminium-plated steel to make their toenail clipper blades. Such metals tend to rust early when constantly exposed to moisture in the bathroom or cabinets where you store your toenail clipper. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that your toenail clippers’ blades are made out of stainless steel only. However, the casings and accessories in the toenail clipper that doesn’t touch the surface of your kids’ skin can be made out of plastic, or other types of metal.

2. Pick a Brand That’s Well-Known

Irrespective of what the label says, you need to be able to trust that the description is actually true. That’s why it’s critical to choose a brand that’s well-known in the hygiene products industry. When you’re choosing a toenail clipper for your kid, run a random check of the brand through other product categories and see if the reviews are consistent. If the brand seems to have gotten 4+ stars by plenty of customers across product categories, then that’s a brand that you can trust to buy your kid’s toenail clipper set from. You can also refer to “Top lists” on our blog to get a sense of how the product has performed in the market. Our reviewers spend ample amounts of time conducting thorough research before suggesting products to readers.

3. Focus on the Comfort in Holding and Cutting

When dealing with kids, comfort is of the utmost issue. Unlike infants or adults, kids can be fussy and have their own way of showing it. Just because a toenail clipper is rated well on Amazon doesn’t mean that it can actually cut or is comfortable to use. That’s why you have to consider reviews from people who have actually used the product to make a decision. On Toenail Fungus Online, we pay special attention to how a product feels and performs in hand. So, for each of the products suggested below, we have included a review of how it feels, its safety mechanisms and performance. This is so you can give your kids a painless, quick and effective toenail cutting session. Before choosing a toenail clipper for your kid, make sure that the product is comfortable and easy to use.

4. Evaluate Design Quality

When choosing toenail clippers for kids, design quality is extremely important. Kids being kids, they won’t have the patience to sit through long, endless clipping sessions. That’s why you should choose toenail clippers with great design. Ask yourself – is the toenail clippers’ lever easy to depress? What are the lever’s tension and the quality of the mechanism? You need to see if a cut done using the clipper causes an overbite. For adults, dealing with overbites isn’t necessarily a pain. But for kids, overbites can be very painful. If the nail is left with a jagged end or with an open area of skin, your kid’s toenails could even get infected and difficult to deal with over time. That’s why it’s very important for you to consider design quality when choosing your kid’s toenail clipper.

5. Consider Sharpness and Effectiveness

The key to choosing the right toenail clipper for your kid is finding something sharp, but not too sharp that it causes accidental damage. Stainless steel blades are usually the safest in terms of sharpness and anti-rusting to ensure safe and effective toenail clipping. The problem with blunt toenail clipper blades is that your kid’s toenails may not get cut properly, and you may have to cause them unnecessary pain in the process. When sifting through reviews of toenail clippers for kids, keep an eye out for a description of the sharpness and effectiveness of the clipper blades. Toenails are thick, so you have to find a clipper that’s sharp enough to cut quickly and effectively, without causing any harm or pain.

Best Toenail Clippers for Kids Available Online

So, now that we’ve explored factors to keep in mind when choosing toenail clippers for kids let’s go into some great options. As per our research, here are the top three toenail clippers for kids that you should definitely check out.

Top Pick – Go Better Nail Clippers Set

GoBetter Nail Clippers Set
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If you had to choose one set of nail clippers for your kid’s toenails and fingernails, you should consider Go Better Nail Clippers Set. Since this set includes one pair of fingernail clippers and one pair of toenail clippers, both needs are covered in one go. There are several reasons why we’ve chosen Go Better Nail Clippers as the best choice for cutting your kids toenails. Here’s a list of positives of this product for your reference.

  • Go Better Nail Clippers are made of surgical grade stainless steel, making them both sharp but not too sharp and safeguarded from the effects of rusting. Go Better Nail Clippers are also coated with Black Carbon, making them easy to grip and not abrasive on the skin touching your kid’s nails.
  • This set of nail clippers has a long handle and great ergonomic design, ensuring that you don’t slip by accident and hurt your kid when cutting his/her toenails.

Go Better Nail Clippers have curved and micro-malposed edges, making them easy on the nails and ensuring that your kids’ nails remain safe during the cutting process.

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Alternative Pick – No Splash Nail Clippers

No Splash Nail Clippers for Fingernail and Toenail
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Instead of purchasing two sets of nail clippers for your kid’s fingernails and toenails, you could choose one that serves both purposes. No Splash Nail Clippers are designed such that they can painlessly and effortlessly cut your kid’s fingernails and toenails. Here’s a list of this product’s features for your reference.

  • No Splash Nail Clippers are made of medical grade stainless steel, so they are safeguarded from getting rusted over time. When choosing nail clippers for your kid, it’s extremely important to choose a pair that isn’t susceptible to dangerous rust.
  • No Splash Nail Clippers has a catcher design that is great for cutting your kid’s toenails. Instead of having toenails splash all around the room, where they can be hazardous to your kid and others who may be walking around, you can ensure that the nails and caught and safely disposed of.
  • When purchasing nail clippers for kids, you need to be sure that the product isn’t defective. No Splash Nail Clippers guarantees replacement in the case that defects exist.

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Budget Pick – Fixbody Nail Clipper Set

FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set
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Kids can break and go through stuff very easily. That’s why some parents tend to choose cheaper items when dealing with them. If you want a nail clipper set that’s affordable but also safe to be used on your kids, you can go with Fixbody Nail Clipper Set. Here’s a list of the product’s positives for your reference.

  • Fix body Nail Clippers have zinc alloy stainless steel that won’t get rusted for a long time. The steel blades are sharp enough to cut nails without leaving jagged ends, so your kid won’t suffer from infection.
  • The ergonomic design of FIxbody Nail Clippers ensures that you don’t have to dig your fingertips into the sides of the nail clippers, so you can use them comfortably on your kids.
  • Fix body Nail Clippers Set comes with a layer of insulation and a leather case to carry it around for emergencies. With kids, you never know when something may be needed, so this feature is a huge plus. Fix body Nail Clippers are also insulated, so the chances of fungal infection developing are low. 

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Choosing hygiene instruments for kids can be tricky; you have to be safe and effective, so the activity isn’t painful for the kid or yourself.

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