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What is Toenail Brace?

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Toenail brace gets rid of ingrown toenails by correcting excessive nail curvature. Bracing is a very safe and inexpensive treatment option that can use for a very long period of time. The toenail brace is a composite strip applied across your toenails.

Toenail bracing was created in 1872. Nail bracing was recognized by Dr Williams as a viable, non-surgical treatment for ingrowing toenails. An ingrown toenail is a painful condition that occurs when the nails grow into and eventually punctures the skin next to the nail bed.

The most popular product on the market today for treating Ingrown Toenails is CurveCorrect because it takes a modern approach to treating ingrown nails. (92% clinically proven) Independence trials reveal a success rate of similar to ingrown toenail surgery. This product comes with 10 transparent braces per kit. Each brace will stay on for 3-6 weeks.

How Does CurveCorrect Work?

it’s a unique product that eliminates ingrown nails in just a day or two no matter how long you’ve been suffering from it. The strip behaves like a spring so when it’s bonded to the curved surface of your nails it applies a gentle force that helps straighten the nail. So when the pressure from each side of the toenail against your skin reduced, ingrown toenail pain quickly disappear.

Follow each instruction to apply the toenail brace. Each brace will remain bonded for 3-6 weeks according to product description. Most users notice reduced pain in 1-3 days, the nail is visibly less curved and pain-free within 7 days.

The CurveCorrect Toenail Kit Includes:

  1. Solvent (3.7 mL)
  2. Cotton swabs
  3. Plastic case
  4. Application instructions
  5. Medical Grade, non-toxic brace adhesive (1.0 mL)
  6. 10 transparent braces per kit
  7. Nail file

Direction to Apply Toenail Brace

Step 1: Bonding the toenail brace

There are two ways in which you can bond the toenail brace. You can position the first end on the side of the toenail most affected. This end of the toenail brace is usually laying flat against the toenail during this step.

Step 2: File the surface of your toenail

You must file the surface of the nail all the way to its edge on both sides. Remove ridges and high spots to minimize gaps underneath the brace.

Step 3: Clean toenail with solvent

Pour some of the solvents on a cotton swab and wipe the entire surface of your toenail properly. Try to get as deep as possible into the nail groove where the brace will be applied, also allow it dry.

Step 4: Apply adhesive to toenail brace

Apply a very small amount of adhesive to one end of the ingrown toenail brace. The amount of adhesive applied should be as wide as the brace and as deep as the thickness of your brace.

Step 5: Bond first end

Curing begins quickly so you must get the placement right immediately upon contact with your toenail. Position the first end of the toenail brace (adhesive end) where you pre-fit it in step 1 using the opposite end of a cotton swab. Hold the brace motionless for 30 seconds. Release and allow the adhesive to continue curing for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Apply adhesive to second toenail brace

Follow the same procedure that you did above for the second end.

Step 7: Finish

Make sure the ends of the brace do not extend beyond the sides of your toenail, will cause pain.

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) is caused by the pressure from the ingrowth of the nail edge into the skin of the toe. Shoes that places a lot of pressure on your toes, also socks and stockings that are too tight on your feet can cause ingrown toenails.

Toenail injury, including stubbing your toe, dropping something heavy on your foot, or kicking a ball repeatedly can cause it as well.

  1. Age is one of the main reason for ingrown nails, as people age, toenails naturally tend to become more curved, thick and difficult to cut, predisposing the nails to brittleness and damage.
  2. Fungal infections of toenails result in deformities, making the toenail more prone to grow inward, or exerting pressure that makes the skin folds.
  3. Thicker toenails always tend to apply greater pressure on the skin beside the nail
  4. Pressure from shoes also one of the number one reason for ingrown nails, shoes that’s too tight can cause toenails to become ingrown.
  5. Repeated trauma can cause ingrown nails.

 Tips on how to prevent ingrown toenails:

  • Always make sure the corners of the nails are visible above the skin.
  • Wear shoes that allow you to have enough space for your toes to move.
  • When trimming your nails make sure to cut the edge straight across and keep toenails at the correct length.
  • Clean and wash your foot daily for proper hygiene.
  • Use comfortable footwear.

Toenail Bracing is proven to be successful, painless treatment for ingrown nails

  • prevent regrowth of ingrown toenails
  • no local anaesthetic needed
  • immediate relief from pressure caused by involved toenails
  • suitable for everyone, from small children to adults


On Amazon CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment is available for an affordable price. Check price here on Amazon.


10 CurveCorrect transparent ingrown toenail braces Medical grade, non-toxic brace adhesive (1.0 mL) Solvent (3.7 mL) Nail file Cotton swabs Application instructions.

This product is guaranteed to work

We’re so confident CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment will eliminate your pain and get rid of ingrown toenails. If this product doesn’t get rid of your ingrown toenail, then you can get a refund from the seller, just try your best to return it within 90 days. they’ll refund your purchase regardless of how much you’ve used with no questions asked.

This is the level of confidence they’ve gained after helping many customers get rid of thousands of ingrown toenails. All they ask is that you apply Curve Correct and allow it to work uninterrupted for at least 5 weeks.


Using curve correct is the best way of getting rid of an ingrown toenail. Many consumers have had successful results in using this superb toenail brace.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering from the ingrown toenail, i can guarantee once use correctly that you won’t find any problem with this product and it will certainly cure it. You can also check out my guide on the best nail clippers.

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