Kerasal Nail Review 2019 – Is this Nail Treatment a Scam???

Are you suffering from yellow, black, or brown nasty nails? Are they brittle or thickening? If yes, you may have onychomycosis, also known as a fungal infection. But don’t fret! Kerasal Nail is a superb treatment option for treating discoloration of the nail caused by toenail fungus infection. It is perhaps the easiest fungus treatment option to utilize and most affordable on the market today.

We highly recommend utilizing this fantastic treatment for getting rid of your nail fungus infection. Continue reading below to discover why Kerasal Nail Renewal is a great option for you.

Kerasal Nail Review

kerasal nail review
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This is an unbiased kerasal nail review.

Kerasal Nail Renewal is a popular nail fungal infection treatment. This treatment has worked for many people and is one of the best selling product on the market right now for getting rid of nail fungal infection.

Unlike other nail fungus treatment, kerasal is quite easy to use. Furthermore, the treatment is a great value and is one of the lowest cost treatment on the market today.

Kerasal Nail is designed to fix your nail fungus problem within a short period of time, and get your nails to look exactly like they were before. So if you have toenail fungus infection, you can consider giving this treatment a try and see how well it performs.

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What Are The Ingredients?

The main Active Ingredients in this product seems to be Urea which helps to deeply penetrate the nail by softening it so that the unhealthy nail would be removed easier and restore healthy appearance.

Make sure to read ingredients properly to see if your allergic to any before consider using Kerasal Nail Treatment. The additional ingredients are often used for preservation and in this case, for overall nail strengthening. Others include:

  • Propylene glycol- is commonly included in various creams, liquids spray as an emulsifier.
  • Lactic acid- doesn’t allow the fungus to grow further by lowering the pH of affected nails environment.
  • Sodium hydroxide- is commonly used to kill nail root, so that it would be easier to remove an old nail.
  • Glycerin
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Water

How to Correctly Use Kerasal Nail?

This is quite an easy to use treatment and doesn’t require much time to apply to users. You only need to apply the cream once each day to start seeing results. This once-daily application makes using the solution a lot easier.

  1. Make sure your nails are short, clean and dry. The shorter your nails are clipped the better it is for the cream to get underneath the nail bed and penetrate the infection properly. If your nails have grown thickened due to the infection, we recommend utilizing a special nail clipper.
  2. Use the applicator tips to apply a generous amount of the solution directly to the top of the nail and under the nail bed. We recommend taking a shower before using the solution to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. It may take up to 10 minutes before the solution is fully absorbed in the nail.
  3. If the fungus is spread, you can use the cream and apply it where ever the infection is and make sure to always wash your hands after using solution.
  4. After the solution is fully absorbed you can now go on with your day and stop worrying about the discoloration of your nails.
  5. Kerasal requires commitment and regular usage.

What Should I Expect?

In a short period of time, you should start seeing better improvement in the appearance of your nails. Many people claim they started to see nail regeneration, thickness and improvements in color within a matter of weeks. This product promotes fungal growth and eliminates nail fungal infection once and for all.

Keep in mind that treatment result can drastically differ due to a number of factors; weight, age and lifestyle choices. However, as long as you follow the treatment instruction properly, kerasal will start treating your fungal infection quickly.

Does Kerasal Nail Renewal Work on Fingernails and Toenails?

The answer is yes! Kerasal Nail Renewal will work on both fingernails and toenails. However, most people may experience fungal infection on their toenail, which is more easier to treat as well.

If you have contracted nail fungal infection, we highly recommend utilizing Kerasal Nail Treatment for treating the infection today.

What Are The Possible  Side Effects?

The are no side effects mentioned in this toenail fungus treatment. The ingredients associated with this product are mostly water-based, so the chance of side effects is extremely low.

There hasn’t been any report of side effects associated with this treatment so far. But if you do experience any while using cream, you should stop using immediately and contact a doctor for further advice.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to apply on nails
  • No Mess
  • Does Not stain
  • Is approved by the FDA
  • Is proven to give results
  • Works within weeks
  • Treatment is ordorless and has no preservatives.
  • Advanced nail penetrating formula.


  • It may take months to work for some people
  • May cause side effects if your allergic to any of the ingredients
  • This product might not be the right solution for you
  • Some users may need multiple treatments to get desired results

Kerasal Cost

This product is very affordable, so in case you want to buy this Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment, you can find it in local stores and popular online sites like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and etc. To cure infection completely you may need more than one bottle to get the job done, depending on how severe your nail fungus problem is.

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Company Information:

Kerasal Nail is sold by Moberg Pharma. They also do other skin care products, such as Balmex Adult Care, Dermoplast and Domeboro.


Most consumers seem to notice a quick improvement while using treatment, while it doesn’t work for all users. See more testimonials here.


For over 10 years I have been in a battle with toenail fungus on 2 sometimes 3 of my toes! I have tried so many creams, ointments, and sprays I can’t remember how many. The only one I have found any clear (fast) progress with is Kerasal. After initial applications of around 2-3 weeks, even large areas of blighted toenails become soft to the point of removal! Then continued use will let a fresh new nail form! I thought I’d never see the day when I could take off my shoes and socks without some embarrassment. In another month I expect exactly that with this formula.

 -Christine G

I use this before bed & after my shower, every morning & I have noticed a BIG difference after 2 weeks. For years every Sunday, I would take time to file the 6 out of ten toenails I have that grow high & not long down until there is almost nothing left. Now I don’t have to take much time at all to do this & I have a feeling I might not have to do it at all soon. I am thankful to my boyfriend who told me about this from TV & I read the reviews & ordered 2 right away. I am so GLAD something is working.

 -Kay S

I tried various anti-fungal foot and toe creams, but this was the only treatment that cleared my nail color. I had a thick, yellow nail for almost two years, and now it’s white and healthy again. Don’t waste your time with other products, buy this now.


Kerasal Nail Renewal is one of the best selling nail fungus treatment on the market today. Kerasal fungal nail treatment is a great option for anyone suffering from discoloration of the nail caused by nail fungus. Although nail fungus can be hard to treat, kerasal will provide positive results quickly without causing any side effect.

1 thought on “Kerasal Nail Review 2019 – Is this Nail Treatment a Scam???”

  1. I stumbled onto Kerasal quite by accident at my drugstore. I have had nail fungus for YEARS and have taken the oral medicine many times to no avail. I have used a number of other “cures” that also proved to be a dead end. A couple of months ago, my left hand was suddenly attacked (I do not wear fake nails or a lot nail polish, I must point out) and I was frantic to get rid of it. On a whim, I bought a tube of Kerasal, mainly because it was new to me and not one I had already tried. OK. I’m impressed!
    it showed almost immediate results. The first thing yo see with this fungus, is the white spots or stripes at the quick of the nails. There is also a red line around these while points. With Kerasal, within a day or two, that red line was gone, meaning the fungus had been stopped in it’s tracks. All that was left was for the damaged parts to grow out. I also applied it to my toe nails which have not been clear for a very long time. They are almost all grown out. I cannot say enough good about this product!!!! My nails are clear and my toe nails are almost clear. I keep this stuff by my bed side and apply it every night – even if just as a precaution. Everybody’s body is different, but this body thinks this stuff is great!!!

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