How to Improve Circulation in Feet and Toes – 10 Things You Can Do Today!

Do your feet and toes feel ice cold? Are you experiencing swelling and cramping in both your feet and toes? Are you unable to walk a block without experiencing pains in both your feet and toes? Unfortunately, you have poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is often either caused by life choices and health conditions. Either way, both can put you at a risk of bigger problems.

Several conditions can lead to poor circulation. The most common caused include diabetes, obesity, arterial issues and heart conditions. Its very important to know the cause, the sooner you know what cause the problem the sooner you can find a solution. Luckily you don’t have to worry, because poor blood circulation is treatable. Continue reading below to find out what you can do to improve circulation in your feet and toes.

How to Improve Circulation in Feet and Toes?

If you have poor blood circulation in your feet and toes it may be a sign of serious health problem. It is important to find out what may be the cause of the issue. Some of the common cause of weak circulation include lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Another common cause of weak circulation is peripheral vascular disease, a condition that limits normal blood flow to and fro the heart.

Many people who suffer from poor arterial circulation also experience a tingling sensation in the foot – this is not actually due to poor circulation, and is generally due to a possible nerve disease. However, there are many ways to increase blood flow throughout your entire body, once you follow these tips you’re more likely to experience a huge improvement in how your feet and toes feel.

Sequential Compression Device – Editor’s Choice

How to Improve Circulation in Feet and Toes
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Sequential Compression may look weird, but they are highly recommended by professionals, this compression device is great for those with stationary lifestyle or those who are suffering from poor circulation. It packs quite a punch when it comes to recovering a damaged lymphatic system, reducing pain and eliminating swelling due to circulatory problems. Originally, compression boots were used by power athletes to speed up their recovery time. But since lately everyone has discovered the benefits of using compression therapy to boost their circulatory system.

The Air Relax Sequential Compression Device is one of the best compression devices you can find on the market today. This massager comes with four different advance modes to suit your needs. These include sequential, massager, peristaltic and peristaltic+sequential (auto mode). These modes involve different pressure settings ranging from 0 to 230 mmHg.

This is our top recommendation for getting circulation back to your feet and toes. It comes with a one year warranty which can be extended up to three years. The customer support is also very amazing and you’ll have no trouble communicating with them.


  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • FDA cleared medical grade device
  • Reduce inflammation and aid the lymphatic system
  • Ideal boot size
  • easy to use


  • Works only with 110v power
  • Shuts off every 15 minutes, which may be a problem for some people

MedMassager Speed Foot Massager – Best Selling

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This is one of the most effective electric foot massagers you can find on the market, with speed up to 3,700 RPM. Unlike other massagers, the MedMassager Speed Foot Massager doesn’t make use of rounded rollers. Instead, MedMassager consists of a single foot pad, located at the best angle for improving comfort and blood circulation. This makes it very user-friendly, allowing you to sit back and put your feet on the massaging pad.

we strongly recommend MedMassager Speed Foot Massager to help stimulate healthy circulation in your feet and toes. It is both CSA and FDA certified. At first, this massager was only for professional use and has only just recently made available to the public. Even though the price may be a bit more expensive than its competitor, its worth every penny because of its durability and can be used anywhere.


  • Feature 11 speeds
  • Can be used with your shoes on
  • Built-in arch bar for toes and heels
  • Superb warranty option
  • One of the most powerful foot massager


  • Maybe expensive for some people
  • No remote control

Drink More Water Daily

Drinking plenty of water can have a big impact on your health benefits. It’s also great for circulation. Also drinking plenty of water will help to hydrate your body’s cell and get rid of waste.

Exercising Regularly

Exercising your body is very important, anything from taking a walk in your neighborhood to playing football can be extremely beneficial and can go a long way in helping get your blood flowing. As long as you keep your body moving, you will benefit from good circulation.

Try Yoga

Yoga is one of the best exercises to help against poor circulation in your feet and toes. It’s very simple to do and can be done by anyone and is also cost effective if you should attend a class. Certain yoga poses are designed to promote healthy circulation throughout the body and allow your blood to oxygenate throughout your body fully with much more additional benefits.

If you are planning on doing yoga i recommend using a yoga mat, using a yoga mat makes it more comfortable especially when your knees are touching the ground. A regular yoga mat is quite affordable, here is a GoYoga Exercise All purpose Yoga Mat on Amazon. You can also find yoga class free of cost online and can be practice in the comfort of your home.

Wear Well Fitted Shoes

Tight fitting shoes can impede blood flow to your feet and toes. So if you are working in a corporate setting, you should bring a comfortable shoe so you can change into during the day.

Additionally, we don’t recommend wearing skinny jeans, tight workout gears or even tight socks. They all can restrict blood flow to your feet.

Change Your Lifestyle

If you are spending most of your time sitting or standing, be sure to take breaks. If you love to sit, make sure to get up and walk around to stay active, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Give up smoking, eat better, etc. Doing these things can make a big difference in your life.

Take Proper Care of Your Feet

Learn to take proper care of your feet by wearing the right fitted shoes and practice good hygiene habits daily. It’s a good idea to check your feet regularly for injuries or any damage nails. Taking the time out to inspect your feet will help you notice any circulation problem quicker.

What Causes Poor Circulation in Your feet and Toes?

If you are experiencing poor circulation in your feet and toes it may be an issue of lifestyle choice or health problem. Lifestyle choice is a bit obvious because many people work at jobs that promote a sedentary lifestyle where they sit long hours around a desk without moving, which can cause blood to pool around the ankles, which can lead to swelling. also when they are home they sit for hours watching television. All of these stuff makes our circulation worst.

The health problem can be a bit different – diabetes, blood clots, varicose veins, obesity, Raynaud’s disease. The list of health conditions can cause poor circulation throughout the body. If not treated, bad circulation can lead to serious health concerns.

Think You Might Have Poor Blood Circulation?

If you answer yes to any one of these questions below it might be a case that you have weak circulation.

  1. Do i have loss of hair on the legs and feet?
  2. Are my feet often excessively cool?
  3. Do my feet numb easily?
  4. Are my toes blue, red or purple?


Many people across the globe suffer from poor circulation in their feet and toes. One of the most common questions asked by readers is “how to improve circulation in feet and toes?” Fortunately, this can be done by utilizing any one of the suggestions we’ve listed above. Make sure to speak to your doctor about the condition and in the meantime, you can keep your feet healthy by taking the suggestions we’ve recommended.

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